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Roses as the way to a girl's heart is so 18th century, its a seekh kebab now, my love. Thankfully  Freud never knew about seekh kebabs, for I wonder what he would make of all the imagery in Daawat e Ishq this weekend.
Daawat.. is a perfect foil to the other saccharine sweet release this weekend, all chatkhara and spice.ss



The story is very simplistically told. The movie has taken the core idea of the original Khubsoorat of dropping a vivacious girl into a subdued household run by a tyrant, but that’s where the similarity ends. Whereas the movie starring Rekha had a joint family full of characters for the heroine to help, here the story is mainly about the Prince and the madcap. The sister’s desire to be an actress is hardly touched upon and the King’s sorrow at losing his 20 year old son in a car accident which has led to him being in a wheelchair, is solved by some simple pop psychology and doing wheelies in a wheelchair. The movie is missing the nuances and the true naughtiness laced with sincerity which made the original Khubsoorat so much fun.



Creature 3D is the movie equivalent of an uncleaned MCD bathroom. It doesn't just belong in the toilet, it needs to be locked up in there forever. Take the cheesiest, most predictable, C-grade, low budget hollywood horror movie you can think of, make the acting worse, the accents hilarious, and you end up with a movie that is about twice as good as Creature 3D.






Bollywood News

  • Actor Hrithik Roshan is currently happy and content in his space as an actor, but when the time is right and if he has a subject, he may go behind the camera to direct a film. However, he says "it will take time".

    His father Rakesh Roshan is a successful director and producer of films like "Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai" and the "Krrish" series. Does Hrithik see himself branching into these fields in future?

    Well, the actor didn't rule it out when he asked this at an event here Friday.

    "I'm going to be living till I'm 90 years old. I'm going to be absolutely unstoppable and my service to the world will go on to the last breath of mine. Having said that, directing a film is may be...all I can say is, something has started," Hrithik said.

  • While girls are swooning over Pakistani sensation Fawad Khan and his "Khoobsurat" performance, actor-singer Ayushmann Khurrana says the new Bollywood entrant is an "eyecandy who can act".

    "Just watched Khoobsurat. Loved it. Way to go @sonamakapoor. And girls, watch out for Fawad Khan, the new eye candy who can really act," Ayushmann posted on Twitter.

    Fawad earned popularity in India via TV shows "Zindagi Gulzar Hai" and "Humsafar", aired on Zindagi channel here. And his popularity in India has only gone notches higher by starring in "Khoobsurat",



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